With spring coming around the corner it feels like the perfect time to reset and spring clean. Like me, you probably feel unproductive when you see clutter and all day you live in the clutter feeling lost because you don’t want to clean but you hate living in a mess. After a while these habits become bad and it’s hard to get back to the organized routine that it was. Here are my 4 best tips and tricks to return to being productive.

Plan cleaning in your calendar.
Planning a day in your calendar for a cleaning day will give you more reason to clean or pretend a family member is coming over and u don’t want your grandma to see your bra on the floor.

Get comfortable
Get up early and put on comfy clothes. Turn on your favorite playlist or podcast. Or make a new playlist of songs that make you happy. If u don’t like to listen to podcasts and don’t want to listen to music, turn on your favorite show or favorite YouTube channel.

Turn it into a game
If you’re like me where it’s hard for you to focus and you get easily distracted by certain things it is hard to get your cleaning done with the time you have. By turning the cleaning into a game you find it more fun and it will be easier to focus. How to play the game is to set a five-minute time and pick up anything red. When the time goes out u go to the next color of the rainbow until u have picked up everything from off the floor. Then, go to your table or vanity and pick up all the books and notebooks. Then get any makeup or skincare and put it away. Continue to pick up categories of items until your room is completely clean to your liking. Or if u don’t think the game method will be effective for u then set a timer for 1-3 hours and go from one corner and clean until the whole room is clean to your liking.

Check your room
Go through the corners and pick up all the little trash and little items on the floor. Vacuum to get rid of the dust and dirt from off the floors. Do last-minute touch-ups like finishing hanging up clothes or wiping down countertops and tables.

Hopefully, this helps you feel less overwhelmed and make the cleaning process easier.

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