Fall is my favorite season and it is right around the corner. I love everything about it the falling leaves, Gilmore Girls, chunky sweaters, and the fall Starbucks drinks. It’s the perfect season and has the best holidays. Here are 9 ways to get in the fall spirit.

Buy fall accessories
Buy jeans, sweaters, and scarves to upgrade your look and keep you warm as the temperatures drop. Adding cable knit sweaters, uggs, puffer jackets, and matching sweatsuits to your wardrobe can be a great way to get ready for the falling leaves.

Add fall decor to your room
Decor is the perfect way to set the vibe for fall. Pumpkins, Ghosts, Sunflowers, etc. are things you can look for when you look for your seasonal decor. You don’t have to completely change your room for the fall season you can do small things like switching the tulips in your room to pampas grass can make a huge difference.

Get your nails done
Fall is the best season to get your nails all glammed up. From a plain brown to monochrome. Your nails are the perfect way to get new confidence and get in the festive mood for fall.

Get fall Starbies
Everyone loves the fall collection from Starbucks and I think this year’s drinks are the best yet. From the classic pumpkin spice latte to my fave the apple crisp macchiato there are no wrong answers when it comes to fall starbies.

Watch Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls is a drama about a teen mom and her daughter who is destined for an Ivy League going through the struggles of being a mother-daughter duo in their small town Stars Hollows. This is one of my favorite shows because it has the best fall vibes. I think it is a show that you should add to your binge list.

Make a pie with family/friends
From pumpkin to apple making pie is the best way to make fall memories. Gather your close friends and family to see who can make the best pie. Having a pie taste test sounds like so much fun!

Tell Ghost Stories and ear smores
This is the most underrated fall combo. Sitting around the warm fire trying to tell the scariest stories is the most perfect way to spend an October evening. In my opinion, smores taste best with Reeses or Milky Ways

Watch a scary movie
Watching a scary movie right before Halloween is so much fun! Grab your friends, family, snacks, and pick a good scary movie. For even more fun turn it into a scary movie marathon. Some movie recommendations are the SCREAM franchise, The Shining, and for those who want a movie that isn’t too scary but gives off Halloween vibes Hocus Pocus.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch
I love going to the pumpkin patch because it’s like an all-in-one activity while you are on the way to the pumpkin patch you can grab a fall-flavored Starbucks and make sure to take the scenic route so you can see all the falling leaves and pretty trees.

Hopefully, this list gave you some ideas for activities you can do with your family and friends!

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