This year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to smell good and collect perfume. I will rate them based on 3 categories Longevity, Smell, and Value. So here is my honest review of the perfume and body sprays that I tried in 2023.

Sol de Janeiro 62
I decided to buy this after seeing all the hype it was getting on TikTok. And this is the best body spray that I have ever tried. Sol de janerio has incredible smelling body sprays but this is my personal favorite.

Longevity: For a body spray it lasts pretty well. The longevity lasts a lot longer when layered with a more long-lasting perfume. On me, it lasts around 3-4 hours on my wrist before it is complete. But when I spray it in my hair it lasts all day making my hair smell very.

Smell: The smell of this body spray is phenomenal. It has an incredible layering smell because it smells delicious with any smell. The smell is very warm and gourmand. The fragrance notes are pistachio, almond, vanilla, salted caramel, and sandalwood.

Value: This body spray can be bought in 2 sizes, 240mL ($38) and 90mL ($24), which is a good size for the smell and how long the bottle lasts. I have had both bottles and the smaller size lasts around 6 months if you use it constantly. However, the bigger bottle has lasted me a year and I use it every day. So overall the bigger size is the better buy in my opinion because it lasts forever.

Sweet Tooth by Sabrina Carpenter
I love Sabrina Carpenter in Girl Meets World and her album emails I can’t send. I saw this perfume and decided why not try it. And I love it so much and literally smells like the color pink.

Longevity: Sweet Tooth is one of the longest-lasting perfumes I have ever tried. I can put it on before I go to school at 7 and by the time I go to bed at 9, I can still smell it on my wrists. Which is around 14-15 hours.

Smell: The smell of this perfume is incredible and you can tell there was a lot of work put into creating it. The smell of this perfume is very complex and hard to explain but it smells like a chocolate bar with marshmallow fluff and vanilla. It also has very subtle floral notes like jasmine and ginger. If you want to smell like a gourmand delectable chocolate bar this perfume is for you.

Value: The price for a 1 fl oz from Walmart is $30 or 2.5 fl oz for $70 which is well priced for how long-lasting it is. Also, the bottle is a pink chocolate bar which matches the smell and theme so well and is so cute.

Eilish by Billie Eilish
I’m obsessed with Billie Eilish and I was so excited when I saw when I saw she had a perfume at Ulta and automatically grabbed it and bought it. This perfume smells like that girl because it is very seductive yet classy.

Longevity: This perfume lasts just as long as Sweet Tooth lasting around 15ish hours. But it lasts for days when I spray it in my hair. You also don’t need a lot for it to smell good all day. Only 2-3 sprays to smell like a vanilla cupcake.

Smell: This perfume smells like a sweet vanilla cupcake. The fragrance notes are very gourmand being the base and top creamy vanilla, soft spices, cocoa, and musk. The perfume has very subtle fruity notes of mandarin and warm berries.

Value: Eilish comes in 3 sizes 1 oz ($52), 1.7 oz ($62), and 3.4 oz ($72) at Ulta. In my personal opinion, I think that the 1 oz is the best because it is not too expensive and is enough to last you a very long time.

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